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Build the best course admission system that gets students

Streamline student recruitment of your courses with our AI landing page builder - designed for educators


They have already built better online admission systems

Education Centres
Course Pages Built
Instructor Pages Built

Kickstart online marketing for your existing courses

All with our pre-built student recruitment funnel

  • Landing Page Builder

  • Booking & Registration

  • Coupons, Bundles & Discounts

  • Online Payment

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Student Sales Analytics

Plugins coming soon

Wordpress Plugin / Shopify Plugin / Wix Marketplace Plugin / Squarespace Plugin

We integrated everything you need to build an enrollment system

so you don't have to stick all these tools together

We have you covered for every step of course enrollment


- AI Landing Page Creator
- Search engine optimization
- Connect online payment


- Built-in booking system
- Instant messaging integration
- Trial classes and discount tools


- Recurring subscription
- Student engagement analytics
- Reminders & referral systems

Effortlessly build course landing pages with AI-generated presets

Let the AI write course features, lesson plans, selling points, and more for you. All can be done via mobile.

Professional and clear layout that works well on all platforms

60% of students use their phones to research courses. The landing pages you created are optimized for mobile without any extra effort needed.

Tuition fees, available timeslots, contact information, payment methods and all information can be viewed in one place with a call-to-action button that leads straight to your instant messaging apps.

Fully optimized for Google's rich results and all search engines

You can be sure that your website occupies much more space on search engines as opposed to traditional websites.

We take care of all the technical aspects of SEO so you can focus on creating quality content for your landing page.

Streamline enrollment with booking function

Automate the registration process for all kind of education-related events. Embedded into the landing page.

Multiple Lesson Types

Allows students to enroll throughan all-in-one landing page by building the best-fit registration flow.

Direct communications

Lead students from the landing page to instant messaging apps. Confirm through automated email notifications.

Start using online payments with minimal set-up

Direct Payment

Funds go to your online payment accounts directly, or you can choose to accept bank transfer or other pay-later methods

Instant confirmation

Set up online payment channels easily and integrate them into your landing page to speed up student recruitment.

Make courses irresistible with pre-built promotional tools

Subscription Discounts

Encourage long-term commitment and retention by offering a discount for students who commit to multiple courses or a recurring payment plan.

Trial Lessons

Offer free or discounted trial lessons to give students a taste of your courses and encourage them to enroll.


Offer discounts to attract new students or encourage current students to enroll in more courses.

Bundle Discounts

Package related courses together to offer a discounted price and incentivize students to enroll in multiple courses at once.

This function is working in progress. Be notified when it's released!

Maximize network effect with data analytics

Retargeting Ads Campaigns

Integrate Meta & Google Ads to reach potential students who have interacted with you before.

(WIP) Automate review collection

Let your satisfied students speak for you - automatically collect testimonials to showcase the success of your courses.

Recruitment Analytics

Understand your recruitment funnel with detailed analytics into traffic, enquiries and conversions.

(WIP) Automatic referral system

Harness the power of your satisfied students and automate your referral program to boost your enrollments with ease.

This function is working in progress. Be notified when it's released!

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Let our award-winning education marketing experts drive your student enrollment directly.

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From social media campaigns to targeted email marketing and more, we have the expertise to help your institution succeed.

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He offered targeted advice that led to significant growth in our company, with at least a two-fold increase in turnover compared to previous years. I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to go above and beyond and his ability to deliver tangible results.
Spencer Lam
Founder of Spencer Lam English
Thank you to Flowclass for providing the tool for building our company's website.

On the other hand, knowing that search engine ranking optimization services are integrated, this also made the pages we made able to acquire new students. I believe this is one of the best ways to promote my courses in the long run.
Timmy Chow
Founder of Precise One Education

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