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Fish Ng
Fish NgMeta Learning Centre創辦人
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我中心的頁面花了很短的時間就發佈到全世界。 登記、付款後很快已經能使補習社專頁上線,只用了大約15分鐘就設定完畢。


能有這樣的效果,已回本多倍。 將來想繼續擴展、自動化招生時,會再升級我的訂閱計劃,尤其對電子支付的功能有興趣。
Bon Lam
Bon LamBon English School創辦人
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After moving to a newer and bigger tutorial centre, I have been troubled by the difficulty of promoting our services to students in a new area. .

Flowclass offers their service at the perfect time as I need a way to reach more students through online channels.

Even when I was away, I still got many enquiries from students who scanned the QR code in front of my centre. It was literally hands-free.
Plane Sir
Plane Sir勤益教育中心首席老師
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我專注教數學,同埋都係我自己教,我有信心續報率高。 咁你俾到人我,我expected return都係高嘅,所以Flowclass每帶一個學生,講緊係幾多嘅每月收入。

佢地嘅團隊都好落力,對Digital Marketing都好有經驗, 有咩要推廣第一時間都係搵佢地。

前排我同佢地一齊夾個試堂活動, 由佢地幫手係Social Media推,真係帶到人流去實體舖。

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