Developing your side hustle?
Expanding your tutoring business?
We’ve got everything you need.

We are here to help you create, develop, and expand your tutoring business – regardless of whether it is physical or online live.

No more hassle if you’re seeking to:

We have just the right solution, customised for you.

Recruit a batch of students immediately as your side hustle

Expand your tutorial centre class size from 1 to 5, or 5 to 50

We have supported our clients in many ways:

Flowclass is always here to assist in growing your centre.

Webpage creation with Flowclass

Flowclass empowers businesses to integrate CRM system seamlessly. In just a few clicks, your students can swiftly apply for your class and pick their timeslots with our smooth payment flow.

On the other hand, you can use our sales tool (popups, coupons) to facilitate up-selling, as well as utilising Facebook Ads to streamline enquiries, saving tremendous amount of time.

Customer acquisition has never been that simplified.

Manage existing students with Flowclass

With zero transaction charge, we allow businesses to create a local paygate for their students. A common function is also available and is only exclusive to those who have paid.

Making payments cashless and much more efficient.

Connect business domain with Flowclass

SEO is critical in the success of fast-growing tutorial centres like yours. Therefore, we are more than happy to allow clients to transfer their Flowclass page domain to their own one. This does not only make your website SEO-ready with hyper organic growth, but also makes it easy to show extra SEO info within the search engine.

Now, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Digital marketing with Flowclass

Don’t want any hassle? We are happy to have a consultation session to get to know your difficulties in executing your past marketing efforts. Having insights from your side, we will devise an array of tailor-made marketing campaigns for you to advertise your courses. The best thing? 

You can unlock the full potential of your centre, without any further inputs from your side.

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We have supported education in multiple ways

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