Adding (Embedding) Flowclass page into your Shopify website

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You can add the booking & payment system on Flowclass to your existing page for easier management and improved functionalities.

Step 1: Add a new page

First, visit the Pages section under the Online Store sales channel.

Choose Add a page. You will arrive at this page. You can also go into an existing page and modify the page there if you want to use Flowclass alongside your other pages.

Step 2: Paste in the HTML code

In the editor, click Show HTML in the upper right hand corner to choose to edit the HTML code of the website. Paste in the embed code you got from the Flowclass SaaS. Remember to also enter a title for the page.

Make sure the height attribute is a number, instead of a percentage value. You can also modify the code here if you know how to work with <iframe>. Then, click “Save” and preview the page.

Step 3: Preview the page

Click on Preview Page or directly visit your Shopify store. You should see Flowclass page embedded into your existing website with all the functions.

Click on the class registration system to test if it is working well for your site.

Congratulations! You have already built a better landing page for your course.


My page is not loading

Try to change the “theme template” to another page’s template, and then save. It can be caused by incorrect settings of your theme.


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