Developing your side hustle?
Expanding your tutoring business?
We’ve got everything you need.

Our software is geared towards helping you create, develop, and expand your tutoring business – physical or online.

Explore the use cases of Flowclass


No-Coding Landing Page Creator

So you can focus on teaching, not handing the technical side of promotion.

Custom site with your website name, URL and logo

Bring your profile to the first page of Google search results

You own all revenue. No extra commission.

Sales, registration & payment - all in one page

See Flowclass in action

Get inspiration from those who have created their pages


Automatically Optimized for Google

Create your website. Wait for students to come organically.

Show pictures and sliders on top of Google Search Result

Ride on our well-developed SEO domain and settings

Occupy more space on search with rich results

Simply search 「IELTS Course」 「私補」 「補習社」 「中文補習」 「英文補習」
on Google to see our results


Augment your website with a better course promotion system

Simply put a link from your website to the respective course page

No website? Make it your bio link on social media

Save time creating a beautiful site and think of what information to put on it. We did it for you.

We are tailored for all categories of Education


View user engagement and conversion rate. Improve design of your page.

Benchmarked with personalised KPIs and provide basic analysis of visits, user view time, revenue generated, etc.


Easily connect with Facebook & Google for conversion tracking of advertisements

Optimize your advertising budget by using our pre-installed tracking code to cut cost per result by 30%. Better targeting helps.

All in one tech solution. Made especially for educators.


Display all information including curriculum, class options, reviews, etc.on a single page


Booking function boosts CTA and conversion, enabling smooth registration


One-off or subscription payment via multiple channels makes your service easily accessible


Administration work has never been easier with the integration with EngagePlus

No more hassle in managing student and classes!
Flowclass provides a universal platform for you to swiftly organise every stage of the work process:

Trusted by 200+ education centres and 2,000+ private tutors

Like others, get more students into your classes

Create course landing pages that rank at Google and automatically attract students to sign up.