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The story of Flowsophic – Empowering the flow of knowledge

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From students, for students

Every person has start-up ideas at some point in his life as a student. Few advocate any of them.

After all, those who understand the needs of students the most are students.

Many of them condense their six years of secondary school learning experience into a single stack of notes, which signifies the blood, sweat and tears they went through to excel in the public exam system.

We have been creating educational content for the past two years. As a frequent studygram who actively engages the community, we have seen a sudden surge in newly founded studygrams sharing their own experiences. Different studygrams come from different backgrounds, and thus they offer different views on the most effective ways to learn.

The magic scroll

It all started with a 26-page proposal. After sifting through many shower thoughts, I decided that a notes sharing platform is the idea that will revolutionize the way people learn and teach.



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