Flowclass User Guide


We’ve got you covered

Wondering how can you kick-off your web-building process with Flowclass? Here is your guide to create everything you want on Flowclass.

1. Getting Started – Account Registration

Register and set up your Flowclass account for the ultimate seamless class management experience.

Go to https://flowclass.io/registration and fill in your details

After filling in your details, we would send an email directly to your preferred email

Verify your account by clicking the link and you’re done!

2. Setting Up

Make your courses come to life

Ready to promote your courses? Get all the relevant information out to your students! All in just one page.

Create a New Course

Log in to Flowclass and select Courses on the left panel.

Click the + button to create a new course and start editing.

Start Editing

Choose and click on your created course page.

Click Edit and customize the following elements:

Course Cover Photo

Put up your unique cover photo to customize your website.

Upload your photo of size 16:9 in the cover tab.

The uploaded cover photo would be shown here.

Course Name

What is the name of your course? Put an eye-catching course name for your course for easier searches!

Under Basic Info, fill in details of your course including the course name.

The course name would be shown here.

Brief Introduction

Here is for you to put up a sleek and concise description of your course.

Video Introduction

Upload an introductory video for your course to boost your conversion rate by XX%!

Go to YouTube and put up your video on your YouTube channel.

Paste the link into the video box.

The video would be shown on the front page of your course.


Put up keywords related to your course. We would help you generate SEO backlinks automatically to get you up on search results! 

Separate your keywords with a “,” so we can make things right for you!

Application period 

Set the start and end date of the application period to make the registration process easy for you!

To kick start registration immediately, set the application opening date to a day before the day of posting.

Course details

Attract your students by providing them with your one-of-a-kind course structure information!
Fill up all sections including course features, special discounts, course curriculum, date and venue, tutor information, and contact details to make your page more complete!

Use text editing tools to enhance the appearance of the content to appeal to potential students!

3. Kickstart registration

What are Classes?

Classes are the timeslots that could be booked by your students on your landing page.

Add New Classes

Under the desired course, click on the + button to create new classes.

Set up class information

Restate your class information and related dates and times for seamless student registration!

Put down lesson information including date and time, lesson location, and reminders for students to make things easier.

3. Class Administration and Marketing

Manage your list of students

Check out and manage your classes with your information safely stored in our database.

Go to a specific course and choose Application Status on the top right corner. You can access your registered list of students here.

Automated SEO backlinking

Change and edit keywords in the Tags under Basic Info to attract specific groups of internet users to your page!

Not sure what keywords suit you?

Check out flowdigital.com.hk for free professional marketing consultation session!


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