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Effortlessly build course landing pages

Your website will look fantastic with smooth user experience across all devices and platforms.

We have set up suggested sections that would help you to market your course better. The website will be made instantly with your input.

No more trouble generating marketing content! Our AI writer will help you generate vivid description based on a few keywords.

No need to worry about sitemap. Websites built by flowclass are search engine friendly so they could be searched easily on the Internet and be found by your potential customers.


Smoothly set up and sell your online lessons and workshops

Teaching service is much more complex than E-commerce products. We provide multiple lesson types such as regular lesson and appointment (coming soon) for you to choose.

Our system supports adding quota to individual class. Students cannot enrol into the class when it is full.

The hierarchy will save you lots of time updating informations. Students will be able to enrol much easier.

Having different number of lessons every months based on the number of weeks? No worry. Our system will calculate the tuition dynamically for students. 


Securely confirm student enrolments online

Your students can choose precisely the date and time to have lessons.

No more administrative work. We will help you issue the receipt once your students complete payments.

No more administrative work. We will help you issue receipts once your students complete payments.

We have connected several payment gateway for you. You will receive direct payment through stripe from students using credits cards.

Which type of educator are you?

Individual Tutors

The bio link for your education venture

Directs your audience to your courses’ hub, where they can explore your courses, pick their first lesson and pay instantly.
Share it on social media, in your email signature, or anywhere else you interact with potential students.

Institutions & Centers

Online Tuition Management Software & Course Management Platform

Lots of courses? Manage applications and payments better.
We are here to help you streamline your course management, simplify student bookings, and facilitate tuition payments, all while growing your student base.

I bet you're ready to recruit more students

Better application flow for students. Increase conversion rate. Automate collection of tuition... There's more we offer.


Q: What is Flowclass?

Flowclass is an integrated system for instructors to create landing pages and market their courses online. It is designed specifically for educators, making it easy and intuitive to showcase your courses and attract students.

Yes! There is a free version of Flowclass. You can try the paid version of Flowclass for free within a period too.

All over the world!!

FlowClass is designed to be a global platform that caters to users from all over the world. To achieve this, we offer the option for users to change their currency and timezone.

When creating a course on FlowClass, instructors can select their preferred currency to display the pricing of the course in. This ensures that students from different countries can easily understand the cost of the course without having to calculate exchange rates.

Similarly, students can also choose their preferred currency when purchasing a course, making it easier for them to pay for the course in their own currency without worrying about conversion fees.

You can:
1. Put the course page link in your social media bio
2. Embed the link in your online Ads
3. Send the link to new enquiries by potential parents and students

Flowclass represents the idea that teaching is a fluid and dynamic process. When you’re in “flow,” you’re fully immersed in the task at hand, focused, and productive. We believe that with the right tools and resources, anyone can achieve this state of flow when they’re teaching.

If you are an: instructor, tutor, educator, mentor, event manager, teacher, education center owner, education entity director… As soon as you teach and want to recruit more students online, Flowclass is definitely your first choice!

1. Landing Page Builder e.g. AI writer, AI page creator
2. Enrollment System e.g. course booking system, auto-class reminder
3. Marketing e.g. Auto-SEO
4. Embedded Payment gateways, e.g. MasterCard, Visa card, debit card, Apple Pay…

1. Visit your landing page

2. Read your instructions and select the course

3. Select the class date and time

4. Pay

*No service fee will be charged by Flowclass. Payments are fully transferred to the instructor after deducting the service fee by 3rd payment party.

1. Reduce time in building a website: FlowClass is a landing page creator designed specifically for educators that helps them save time in creating and marketing their courses online. With FlowClass, educators can create beautiful and effective landing pages in minutes, without any coding or design skills required.

2. Nice landing page design: Flowclass provides pre-designed templates that educators can customize to fit their brand and course offerings. This means that educators don’t have to spend time building pages from scratch and can instead focus on creating great content for their courses.

3. Auto-CRM: FlowClass also includes features such as lead capture forms and automated email campaigns, which help educators build relationships with potential students and nurture them into paying customers. This saves educators the time and effort of manually following up with leads and trying to convert them into customers.

4. All-in-one dashboard for tracking performance: In addition, Flowclass provides analytics and reporting tools that help educators track the performance of their landing pages and email campaigns. This allows educators to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize their marketing efforts, rather than relying on guesswork or creating Excel forms themselves.

YES definitely! With our internal SEO support, students and parents can find your course page on search engines like Google.

Yes! Users can customise any of your content including school information, course names and banner images under the pre-designed template.

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