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@hangulstudyy (Influencer Korean Teacher)

@hangulstudyy has garnered a dedicated following of over 12,000 on Instagram. Her passion for the Korean language shine through her engaging posts. To share her knowledge with her audience, she created a Flowclass page as a portal for her followers to book lessons with her.

UniPlus Education (Physics Tutoring Centre)

The Uni+ Summer Research Class is aimed at helping students catch up on their studies and be better prepared for the next school year, especially after experiencing setbacks due to the pandemic. The course focuses on physics, math, chemistry, and general science, with a curriculum tailored to the DSE.

Mulberry House (International Kindergarten)

Mulberry House are currently using Flowclass to create their extra curricular activities and course landing page. They are also using Stripe payment to streamline the payment process of student admissions.

Spencer Lam Phonics (Phonics Academy)

Spencer Lam Phonics offers an exclusive and comprehensive package for students, providing valuable resources such as a full set of Flashcards, three months of personal WhatsApp consultation, and useful study materials. The center's website effectively showcases these offerings, highlighting their value and effectiveness in supporting students' learning journey.

Panda English (Online English School)

Flowclass has been instrumental in the success of Panda English, providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform for their online English learning initiative. By leveraging Flowclass's robust set of tools, enabling them to reach a broader audience.

The English Chamber (English Academy)

The English Learning Chamber is an exceptional English learning academy with small classes based in Hong Kong and available online worldwide. It provides a supportive and immersive environment for students of all ages and proficiency levels to master the English language. With a commitment to personalized attention, the academy ensures that each student receives individualized instruction and ample opportunities for active participation.

Teacher Siska (Python Expert)

Teacher Siska utilized the Flowclass online teaching platform to quickly create a landing page for her Python for Beginners program. She also utilized our AI function to write the course description with better appeal.

Sky Team Education Centre (Academic Tutoring)

The education center offers the DSE English Star Intensive Course, led by H.S. Wong, a highly accomplished tutor with a stellar academic background and extensive experience in providing English tutoring to students from top schools across Hong Kong. The center's website serves as an effective platform, providing comprehensive information about the course, showcasing Mr. Wong's credentials, and highlighting the center's proven track record in rapidly improving students' academic performance.

Hero Economics (Exam Prep)

Hero Economics is a DSE Economics tutor that offers classes in both English and Chinese. They have a proven track record of success, with many students improving their grades significantly. Their tutors are experienced and passionate about teaching economics, and they use a variety of methods to help students learn.

Mak Sir English (English Tutor)

Mak Sir, an experienced English teacher with a proven track record of success, is using Flowclass to build his online platform. Flowclass provides Mak Sir with a dedicated landing page that is optimized for search engines and allows students to easily apply for his class online.

Black Cat Chinese (Chinese Tutor)

Flowclass also provides Black Cat Chinese with a dedicated landing page for each of their courses. This helps to improve the visibility of their courses in search results, and it also makes it easier for students to find the information they need about each course.

i-Maths (Maths Tutor)

I-Maths utilized Flowclass to create their course landing page and have integrated Stripe payment to collect student admission fees.

HK Special Needs Sports Institute (Sports Club)

The education center empowers SEN students through sports training, fostering self-confidence and communication skills. Their groundbreaking SEN Sports Coach Certificate program and comprehensive website serve as valuable resources for coaches and students, enhancing accessibility and providing support for effective teaching and learning.

Ezkorean (Online Korean Course)

EZkorean created Korean language courses catered to teach languages and is split into both regular courses sided with special courses to fit the need of the audience.

Chloe Yoga (Yoga Teacher)

Chloe's yoga class is a brand new company that focuses on providing yoga classes with a twist. The company targets multiple age groups to make it available to all!