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Digital Marketing Internship Experience 2023 – Vanessa

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What I like most about my internship experience?

I participated in various client meetings, including a meeting with a law firm. It allowed me to gain valuable insights into clients’ needs and motivations. Additionally, I had the chance to draft monthly recap emails to clients using Mailerlite, which is an advanced email marketing platform. This hands-on experience not only improved my skills in email marketing but also enhanced my ability to manage and nurture customer relationships.

Furthermore, I was involved in approaching potential new clients through social media platforms. For instance, drafting initial messages to new clients, creating LinkedIn content to attract new clients and spreading information via Facebook groups. These experiences helped me develop a strategic approach to expanding our customer base. In short, the early client contact enabled me to refine my client relationship skills.

Things learned from my internship

As a Digital Marketing Intern, I utilised various tools to enhance my SEO knowledge and website creation. Through using WordPress, Yoast, and Elementor, I successfully published 4 SEO-friendly blogs and 6 client pages. It has expanded my knowledge of optimising content for search engines. Also, I actively engaged in conducting competitive keyword research using Ubersuggest, a powerful keyword research tool. 

Moreover, I also had the opportunity to work on SEO content edit, website traffic improvement and translation projects. These have not only enhanced my research skills but also provided me with valuable experience in adapting content for different markets and audiences. This exposure to research and copywriting further honed my ability to craft compelling and persuasive content.

Besides, I played a key role in creating engaging social media plans for Flowclass. This involves platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. I developed content strategies, scheduled posts, and engaged with the online community. Through this experience, I gained a deeper understanding of social media marketing, enhancing my creative mindset. Also, by using the Canva app, I produced professional graphics that aligned with the company’s branding.

Overall, my internship journey at Flowclass involved utilising tools like WordPress, Yoast, and Elementor. Meanwhile, I conducted competitive keyword research, translation and client communication. Additionally, I had the opportunity to engage in social media planning, and graphic creation. These experiences and skills will undoubtedly contribute to my future career in the digital marketing field.

Challenges that I met during my internship

The biggest challenge I met during my internship was that I did not have a marketing background. Nor do I study a business-related field. Coming from a different academic background, I initially did not have any theoretical knowledge and felt a sense of uncertainty. However, rather than allowing this challenge to discourage me, Flowclass actively encouraged me to approach this challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning.

My supervisor, Michelle, is very approachable and willing to answer my questions. For example, Michelle explained the concept of SEO to me and provided step-by-step guidance about WordPress (e.g. meta description, meta title and heading setting). Besides, I was fortunate to have a supportive boss, Ivan, who frequently checked in about my progress on assigned tasks and overall internship experience. These provided an opportunity for me to share my accomplishments, seek feedback, and discuss any obstacles. All in all, despite the initial challenges stemming from my non-marketing background, Flowclass’ mentorship, professional training and diversity helped me to overcome this challenge.

My recommendation for future internships

#1: Be proactive – Look for work so that you will have the chance to learn as well as to contribute.

#2: When in doubt, never be afraid to ask! I found that my supervisors are more than happy to answer my queries.

#3: Be yourself – Internships are a chance for employers to know you but also for you to understand your prospective employer and to decide if both are a good fit for each other; be yourself so that you will be able to make a happy decision at the end of the day.

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