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【SEN Tutorial】Want to be a special education teacher? 6 NGO training courses in one article

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Our Flowclass team has noticed that many parents have reflected that their children with special educational needs (SEN) need tutoring or homework support services, but the problem of uneven manpower ratio of special kindergarten teachers has always existed. Therefore, we have collected 6 NGO training courses here to help you who want to become SEN tutors! (Please note that most of the content below is web-based, and we suggest that teachers should check with the relevant organizations for course information first.)

If you know of other NGOs that offer SEN tutoring services, please WhatsApp/email us or leave a comment below the article, your contribution will help many families!

1. St. James’ Support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Certificate Program

Course TargetTeachers, parents, social workers, and interested professionals.
Course objectivesTo enhance the skills of trainees in identifying different types of children with special needs and to strengthen the handling of the diverse learning needs of children.
About the CourseThe concept of 9S® deconstructs the strengths and weaknesses of students with special needs so that they can improve their self-confidence and social skills by “complementing their weaknesses with their strengths”.
Remarks:20% discount if you show proof of teaching staff at primary and secondary schools.

Course Details: https://www.sjsmile.com/course/249

2. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Centre for Continuing Education Support for Students with Special Learning Needs (SEN) Certificate Program

Course TargetAged 18 or older
Course objectivesThe course introduces the main concepts of Special Learning Needs (SEN) and guides participants in identifying the characteristics and needs of children with different learning need through different case studies, exploring appropriate teaching methods and material applications, and assisting participants in designing appropriate teaching solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning.
Certificate– Students who have successfully completed the course with an attendance rate of 75% or above will be awarded a HKFYG certificate.
– Students may also apply for a recognized certificate issued by TQUK at their own expense ($1,600) upon completion of the designated assessment: Award in Introduction to Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs (Level2);<>
– The course is not an RQF-accredited course.
Remarks:The course has been added to the Social Workers Registry’s Continuing Professional Development Programme (VCPD) course list.

Course Details: https://clc.hkfyg.org.hk/2017/12/20/

3. Yan Oi Tong Limited Certificate of Awareness and Support for Students with Special Learning Needs (SEN).

Course TargetAged 18 or above
Course objectivesThe main objective of the special education policy implemented by the Education Bureau in recent years is to encourage students with special learning needs to receive education in ordinary schools as far as possible. The course allows participants to learn and master different methods and training techniques through understanding the types and needs of students with special needs, thus helping students to get more out of their daily teaching.
CertificateStudents who have successfully completed the course with 80% attendance rate will be awarded a certificate of YES Training Institute of Yan Oi Tong.
Remarks:This course is not a training course recognized by the Social Welfare Department for registration as a child care worker and is not related to the QKT course or the CE course.

Course Details: https://yes.yot.org.hk/c/content/cat_page.asp?cat_id=219

4. Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Training Basic Course for Child Worker in Special Education (3-day course)

Course TargetSuitable for special educators, teachers, social workers, nurses, paramedical workers, rehabilitation staff and other interested parties
Course objectivesModule 1: Awareness, Assessment and Intervention of Children with Special Educational Needs (2 days)
Module 2: Intervention Skills for Dealing with Serious Emotional and Behavioural Problems in Students with SEN (1 day)
CertificateUpon completion of the entire course and passing the assessment, you will be awarded two certificates issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Training:
– Training in Educational Workers for Child in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and;
– Certificate in Positive Handling System® for School Violence with NFPS Breakaway & Restraint Techniques
Remarks:– Nurse CNE: 1 credit/hour- Social Worker CPD: 1 credit/hour

Course Details: https://www.swrb.org.hk/cpd/tc/EventDetail.asp?Uid=6662

5. Yohannon Child Development Services Certificate Program for Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Course TargetF.5 or above, interested in learning about ADHD and parents of ADHD students; currently working or interested in working with ADHD students
Course objectivesTo better understand the treatment strategies and applications for children with ADHD, and to help children with ADHD to face their learning needs
Remarks:Students with 80% or more attendance will be awarded a certificate by the Yew Nang Child Development Service.

Course Details: https://cdc.sahk1963.org.hk/parent_training.php

6. Hong Kong YWCA Career Development and Continuing Education Department Foundation Certificate in After-school Care Skills for Children with Special Learning Needs (Part-time)

Course TargetCurrent or former after-school care instructor; and Form 5 education level, or Form 3 education level with two years or more working experience, or holding a “Basic Certificate for After-school Care Instructors” or equivalent qualification issued by the Employees Retraining Board
Course objectives– Understanding Children’s Physical and Mental Development – Identifying and Understanding the Characteristics of Children with Special Learning Needs
– Communication skills and points to note with children with special learning needs
Available locationsWong Tai Sin, Shatin

Course Details: https://ce.ywca.org.hk/zh/programmes/skills-upgrading-scheme-/article/4-erb-/981-foundation-certificate-in-after-school-care-skills-for-children-with-special-education-needs-part-time-.html



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